The Short Bio

Gwen-Florelei Luib is a Filipina-Canadian writer, artist, and educator from Southern California. Manila-born but raised in Toronto and L.A., she often writes about the cultural amnesia experienced by Filipino immigrants. She holds an MFA from San Jose State University and is an alumna of the VONA/Voices workshop (2012 & 2013). She is also a founding member of the artist collective A Change of Art and Mind. Winner of the Lois King Thore Short Story Award and the Rosebud Award for her feature screenplay BLOOMING, she writes best when the world (within and without) is silent.

For those who have gone before me, your stories will be remembered.


“As the years pass by, in the home of our young manhood, we become nothing but a name mentioned now and then, casually, and always without love; a blurred face in a picture fast yellowing with years; then completely unrecognizable in some family album, or on a wall among a hundred other faces. Or if someone remembered still, those whom we knew, those with whom we were young, would say, yes, yes, he left for the States many years ago.”

~ Bienvenido N. Santos

What Gwen-Florelei Luib reads (and rereads) to get inspired:

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